Chanel strands

Chanel strands of pearl have become an atribute of fancy girls all over the world. They are stylish, they are classy, they are modest and chic at the same time. Pearl strand created by Coco Chanel became a part of classic look at first and then has transformed to the accossory which shows your fashion affiliation. Madame Chanel was the first designer who has invented bijouterie as a part of women's wardrobe and made "little toys" as she called them to live on women's dressers. No wonder Chanel bijou is still the most popular bijou. 
Many girls naively think that popular Chanel strands are made from the natural pearl. The shining surface makes you believe it is a pearl, but it is not.

In fact, the Chanel strands are made of glass jewelry. Every single bead is blown from glass and put to the natural nacre from shells under a very high temperature. Because of natural nacre this pearl shine appears, so you can think you see the real pearls. Chanel strands are timeless because the nacre will never darken. This is a good way to save money for fashionistas - those pearl strands will never go out of fashion. 

"Pearl" strands became a symbol of Chanel and they're often used to draw customers' attention as it was made in Tokyo. Huge strands were put in window displays. 

Chanel Starting Point

July, 17 rue Royale in Paris was crouded with photographers and gapers watching perfomance by Karl Lagerfeld with Lara Stone, Baptiste Giabiconi and motorcycle for Chanel.

The company was shooting press-kit for Chanel Starting Point collection.

Even more attraction than models and Karl Lagerfeld has got motorcycle made in Toulouse specially for Chanel.

Is a ride on Chanel motor will differ.. May be more fabulous one :)


COCO CHANEL SUMMER 62 - Mademoiselle presents photographs of Coco Chanel taken by Douglas Kirkland in 1962 on assignment in Paris for the American magazine Look. These photos reveal both the working fashion icon and the sympathetic character beneath, showing Mademoiselle leaving her suite at the Ritz Hotel, in her apartment and studio at 31 rue Cambon, and watching a défilé from the famous mirrored staircase. Karl Lagerfeld has conceived and designed Mademoiselle, as well as written an introduction and captions to Kirkland’s photos.

“Images left behind are in the end stronger than truth and facts. Through Kirkland’s images we can imagine what the famous Coco had been all about before she became the formidable Chanel.” (Karl Lagerfeld)

COCO 1913 - CHANEL 1923

No use to repeat and write a long story about Lagerfeld's genius. There's nothing to argue about. The only thing I'd like to mention that everything he does in the world of fashion is fabulous. 

The "COCO 1913 - CHANEL 1923" movie filmed by Karl Lagerfeld specially for Paris-Moscou collection is a beautiful introduction to the collection itself. Every single thing in Paris-Moscou collection is the masterpiece that is understandable without any words or music. Probably it was a reason to make this film silent. Such kind of beauty  doesn't need words and the Chanel history is known for almost everyone. For the rest of the audience there are dialogues, kindly added by Lagerfeld.
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Pearl shoes

Chanel Paris-Moscou collection is a real set of masterpieces created by Karl Lagerfeld. Every single thing from his collection is worth of writing an ode. Shame on me, I'm not going to write about the whole range. I suppose that shoes form Paris-Moscou collection are most fabulous examples.

Those black shoes with pearls of them, aren't they stunning, or those dome-shoes (with heels made as domes of russian cathedrals)? Chanel shoes have to be weared on the red carpet.



This black pearly shoes are modest and chic. What could be better? By the way, these shoes are becoming popular among celebrities. Keira Knightley was the first famous person to understand the sophistication of Paris-Moscou collection. She appeared in pearly shoes twice - at Chanel haute-couture show and at the International Berlin Film Festival.

Shoes form Paris-Moscou collection can be weared only in Paris, 'cause to wear them at Moscou streets sounds crazy! Even the red Square is an awful place to walk on heels.

In two years one who has pieces from Paris-Moscou collection will be lucky fashionistas. Others will be trying to find something from collection on Portabello Road. In some years kokoshnik and pearly shoes together with matryoshka necklace would be very expensive or even auction lots. 

Chanel Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2009-2010

Couture... If it doesn't fit perfectly - it's a disaster. If it does than you're lucky one touched by a hand of great fashion maestro. When we speak about maestros, especially in couture, there are not so many names to refer to.. One of them is Karl Lagerfeld, whose genial artistic dresses and suits are created to make the world perfect, at least when we look to the mirror.

This year Karl Lagerfeld has created something special, something that fo me has opened new era of sophistication. Maestro said that now it's time for modesty and his modest dresses which make one to tremble definitely prove that. Gorgeous suits and weightless dresses turn simple woman into godess and this is what Lagerfeld's genius means - to make one ordinary to feel special.

Tiny gloves and diamond-satin heats make total look unbelievable. The world doesn't exist till you decide to look at it from your stunning veil.

Men will be conquered by your feets in those shoes covered with stones and pants created in conditions of middle ages art.

Even if you're not such kind of a woman and you don't want to conquer anybody, Karl created Chanel suits just for you. They will be at the right place at work and at the dinner, all you need just a little fantasy to add something you like to these fabulous looks to make them your own way. Just don't try to much, you can hide Lagerfeld's sense of beauty.