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Chanel strands
la_mode_tribune wrote in 31_rue_cambon
Chanel strands of pearl have become an atribute of fancy girls all over the world. They are stylish, they are classy, they are modest and chic at the same time. Pearl strand created by Coco Chanel became a part of classic look at first and then has transformed to the accossory which shows your fashion affiliation. Madame Chanel was the first designer who has invented bijouterie as a part of women's wardrobe and made "little toys" as she called them to live on women's dressers. No wonder Chanel bijou is still the most popular bijou. 
Many girls naively think that popular Chanel strands are made from the natural pearl. The shining surface makes you believe it is a pearl, but it is not.

In fact, the Chanel strands are made of glass jewelry. Every single bead is blown from glass and put to the natural nacre from shells under a very high temperature. Because of natural nacre this pearl shine appears, so you can think you see the real pearls. Chanel strands are timeless because the nacre will never darken. This is a good way to save money for fashionistas - those pearl strands will never go out of fashion. 

"Pearl" strands became a symbol of Chanel and they're often used to draw customers' attention as it was made in Tokyo. Huge strands were put in window displays. 


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