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COCO 1913 - CHANEL 1923
la_mode_tribune wrote in 31_rue_cambon
No use to repeat and write a long story about Lagerfeld's genius. There's nothing to argue about. The only thing I'd like to mention that everything he does in the world of fashion is fabulous. 

The "COCO 1913 - CHANEL 1923" movie filmed by Karl Lagerfeld specially for Paris-Moscou collection is a beautiful introduction to the collection itself. Every single thing in Paris-Moscou collection is the masterpiece that is understandable without any words or music. Probably it was a reason to make this film silent. Such kind of beauty  doesn't need words and the Chanel history is known for almost everyone. For the rest of the audience there are dialogues, kindly added by Lagerfeld.
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